General Information


The Mission of ESTAL is to defend and promote the interests of its members at an international level, to actively contribute towards finding solutions to technical, economic and ecological issues associated with the production and utilisation of surface treated aluminium and to encourage the sharing of knowledge and the development of new technologies among its members.


Our Vision is that Surface treatment on aluminium goes way beyond Anodizing and (Powder) Coating. It includes Non-galvanic methods, Chemical methods and Electrolytic methods. Next to applications in architecture and construction, surface treatment on aluminium is also relevant in markets like machine parts, medical equipment, automotive, military, transportation, aerospace, cans and packaging, electronic equipment, furniture, household appliances, sports and leisure industry, and even in jewellery.

It is the Vision of ESTAL to create a platform for all treatments and applications on a European level, implying a dialogue between the industry, its suppliers and its users, both on a local (= national) and European level. ESTAL is to become the reference and acknowledged Authority and Centre of Excellence on a Pan-European level on all issues concerning surface treatment of Aluminium.

About Local Agency

Designs and applies integrated projects in the field of marketing communications. Knows each customer is unique in character, needs and expectations and proceeds accordingly in each projects. Approaches these needs and expectations with the sense and awareness of a "communications consultant" and develop remarkable solutions. "First, we listen to you, and understand your needs...then provide the necessary solutions".

PARTNER GROUP consists of different operational structures. This structure has arisen from the needs of actualizing a mechanism that can respond quickly to customer needs and develope the creative problem-solving skills of the team. This enables us to offer the advantages of a "full-service solutions agency" with the perspective of synergy and economy of scales.