Hamdi Restaurant Pera

Hamdi Arpacı came from Urfa, Birecik to Istanbul towards to end of the 1960’s. He opened his first counter at the corner of the parking lot situated next to Eminonu, New Mosque. With a small grill and itinerant counter, he offered delicious kebab specialties to the small trade’s people and to public for 7 years. Chef Hamdi’s kebabs became more awareness. The continuously growing number of his customers made him establishes the Hamdi Meat restaurant on the corner of the same parking lot.

The Turkey’s Southeastern Region’s unrivalled delicious kebabs were offered to the appreciation of customers while preserving their authentic characteristics and preparation methods during 18 years in the same place. It is still located at the near the same parking lot and does not only offer its services to the surrounding business areas but also organizes the reception of tourist groups, arranges business meals, and special traditional musical evenings.

A The Hamdi Meat Restaurant has become a place of demand. Chef Hamdi has successfully brought the basic specialties of the Southeastern Cuisine to the heart of Istanbul and has pursued his course to the present day by firmly preserving the original flavors and continuously developing his conception of restaurant service.

Feriye Palace

Moving in the 19th. Century from Topkapı Palace to their new magnificent palaces in the Bosphorus, the Ottoman Sultans literally started the history of Feriye, built then as a precinct.

As the terminus of the new palatial area extending from Beşiktaş to Ortaköy with Dolmabahçe and Çırağan Palaces, Feriye is actually an embodiment of the interesting architectural features peculiar to its age.

Further to the restoration carried out in 1995 by Kabataş High School Foundation, Feriye Complex has become an exceptional spot to make you meet the past on the Bosphorus.